Course Details for the International French Jazz School 2017

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The International French Jazz Summer School offers a range of courses to meet the needs of instrumentalists and singers of all levels of experience. If you are unsure which is best for you, please contact us.

Courses for 2017:

Whatever your level of ability or previous experience of jazz you’ll find the International French Jazz Summer School has a course to suit you. Our experienced and supportive tutors make sure that those exploring jazz for the first time and advanced players looking to refine their jazz improvisation skills enjoy the same rich experience and have the same opportunity to develop.

Main Course - Friday 11th - 18th August 2017 - Tutors:  Liane Carroll, Simon Purcell, Julian Siegel

Friday 18th - 25th August 2017 - Tutors:  Omar Puente, Simon Purcell, Julian Siegel