Cuban Music School Tutors


The Cuban Music School is the best possible way to learn Cuban music. 

The School is based in Havana, the unique World Heritage site where music is a part of the daily life of all Cubans.

Our main tutor for the 2015 course will be renowned Cuban violinist Oma Puente.  There will also be other guest Cuban tutors.

Omar Puente is a classical violinist with a heart that beats with a Cuban rhythm, a soul that is African, and a home in West Yorkshire. His career has been as varied as his life. He began learning violin at five, and at the age of thirteen, he travelled alone to Havana to take up a scholarship.

The next few years were spent studying classical violin and learning all he could about Cuban music and jazz. After graduating, Omar played in Cuban bands such as Orquesta Enrique Jorrin (with Ruben Gonzalez), and Rubalcaba's Charanga Tipica de Concierto (with renowned Cuban bassist, Cachao) He studied classical music as a member of the National Symphony Orchestra while learning jazz from musicians like Chucho Valdes.

Since coming to England Omar has taught Cuban music and jazz violin at Leeds College of Music and Trinity College of Music.

He is a regular member of Courtney Pine's band, has performed with the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela, composed music for a Carlos Acosta ballet, performed in London with Nigel Kennedy, Eddie Palmieri and the late Tito Puente (no relation), and collaborated on a jazz project with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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